Thursday, 1 November 2012

Book Review: Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4) by Darynda Jones

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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

To start with- this is a good book and I really, truly relished reading it, although it kinda felt like a "base" for me and.. I didn't find it as awesome as the rest.

Now, I'll explain what I mean by base.

You know how we layer a cake with sticky chocolate frosting as groundwork before adding heavy triple layers of different chocolates when making a chocolate truffle cake so that the whole frosting doesn't fall off and has something supporting it?

That first layer is great and tastes heavenly, but the triple frosting on top of it is incomparable, beating down the taste of that first, very important layer. 

Well, this book felt like that first layer of sticky homemade chocolate- delightful but seeming to provide a foundation for the next book in the series and leaving you with a sense that says there's more. I'm pretty sure, that the next book that comes is going to be better than this. If not, then that will be a disappointment.

Now, the things that I didn't like or that made me huff with annoyance in this book:

# Charley Davidson wasn't as bad-ass and lunatic-like in the beginning. I mean, yeah, she's Charley so of course she was awesome but she just didn't kick butt in that I-am-Grim-Reaper-and-I-am-fabulous way of hers and spent every few pages in the book puking her gut out with Reyes coming to her rescue time and time again. Now, I don't have any problem with Reyes- cause dude, sexy, hotter-than-armageddon-flame son-of-satan alert! 


But I just felt that we've been four books into this series, don't you think it's time that Badass Davidson got acquainted with at least some of her supposedly wondrous powers? I mean c'mmon! How long are you going to keep us guessing and building the suspense (that's starting to wilt a little by the way) and preventing Charley from going all insanely mad, bad and powerful on demons' asses? 

# Garett Swopes was a no-show for a long time, and when he did appear, he wasn't really who he used to be. 


I MEAN I REALLY LIKED THAT GUY, YA KNOW? HE WAS FUNNY AND AWESOME AND.. (in a small voice) made a great scape-goat, with such good grace and all. THIS JUST HURTZZ SO MUCH. 

*sniffles back tears*

He had a very specific role in the novel and I'm thinking that it might be possible that when he does come back in all his suspicious glory, well he's gonna be a huge pain in the backside.

# This is one of those books with an impossible love story, you know with a little Romeo-Juliet those-two-can't-ever-unite underling, only with a legal, mature couple but kind-of forbidden, if-you-meet-the-world's-gonna-end, only the author meant it literally here. Anyway, I don't actually really dislike this part, but I just thought that I should mention because it made an appearance in my thoughts while thinking about what to write in this review.

# This seems like a futile point but ghosts weren't that much in attendance as before, except for her Aunt Lillian and Mr.Wong who stood like constants (I love those guys for that) and of course the ones you'll find out about when you read the story- but that's it. I mean really, a Grim Reaper without any crazy ghosts flying around? That is just a little heartbreaking. And cruel.

The novel was well-written, entertaining and funny of course and I enjoyed reading it. There seems of be a sound of "but.." ringing around in my mind, but I'll let it got since I already made clear about how I felt. As far as reviews go, I know this was not my best. Anyway, I'm hoping for a mind-blowing sequel, really hoping, so let's see. 


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