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Book Review: Shadow Sight (Ivy Granger #1) by E.J. Stevens

Book Cover. Hardcover copy. 

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Rating: Somewhere along a 2.5 stars and 2.7 out of 5 stars for me.

An okay-okay sorta book, I can't say I am too happy with it, which is in itself quite depressing since I had quite a few hopes sub-consciously bookmarked to this novel even before it's release. 


Sorely lacking in the butt-kicking, badass section. *grim face*

Note: The heroine had a spine of steel and didn't shy away from defending herself and anyone she loved- so make no mistake of that- but what I mean by saying "very less butt-kicking, badass" scenes is that there were very little of 'em. I just felt there should've been something.. I don't know.. more. Narrows it down, doesn't it?

Ditto for romance.

Ditto for drama.



What the heck, here goes. 

I liked the overall concept, and the writing was okay- nothing special- but the book had potential: If only the author worked on the drama and the writing a bit, I'm pretty sure it'd have at least made a dent in 3-4 stars sector.


A little disappointing, I'd hoped for a much better read. Even though there were horrendous sea monsters eating people up and leaving their livers floating in the water, demons making deals, witches and kelpies and what-not going around and trying to get all their shit together, you know what I felt lacking? The importance of all that shit and drama. Makes sense? No?

Let me explain.

Interesting stuff happened. Like really. But the writing was so bland, the drama was so flat, that even a kidnapped kelpie king- who was supposedly gorgeous and totally hot by the way- chained and tortured, and deprived of his will didn't make me feel anything. No remorse, no nothing. 

Ya get whatcha mean?


I KNOW! Cool pic, right? 

Damon does not approve. Well neither do I. Huh.

Anywhooooo, even though I'm very dejected and a lot disappointed, I'm still going to read the sequel when it comes. 

Answer to your obvious look of surprise: No I'm not a masochist. 

Reason for the decision? No matter the lack of drama and romance and a little blandness in the the writing, the book has potential. Like I mentioned earlier, I liked the concept, the story.. It might turn out to be really good, you never know. Also, as I've learned with experience, quite a few times- first books of fantasy series tend to not be as awesome as the rest of the series. So, I'll be reading the next book, hoping that it just might turn out to be really great.

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