Saturday, 27 October 2012

Don't even think about not saying hi.

Hullo everyone or whoever super-awesome, wise and quite possibly the only person this is, reading my blog- know that I am profoundly touched by your valiantly risking what might have been the 10 most important minutes of your life, perusing this first baby post by an amateur blogger aka me. That is, in my opinion, one of the biggest risks a decent human being can take(except for messing with the space-time continuum or God forbid- ordering Chinese takeout from a dingy restaurant with a probably expired, and at that fake, NRA certificate)- so know that I appreciate this. Really.

After having wasted a quarter of an hour debating the title of this post, chewing nails and downing coffee.. tugging my hair while nervously browsing random websites for a "cool way to say hello"- one of the most popular suggestions of them being "Yo my main nigga, what it do?"- I finally decided to ditch the insistent dorky-ness and just get on with it. If this winds up being boring, exhausting or in any way annoying- know that the fault is not mine, but everyone else's. Kidding, ha.

A quick revision of who I am and what this blog is for- I am one of the most awesomest, kickass person you'll ever meet- but you can call me Kajol- and on an average scale of insanity, I lie on some indecipherable spot that probably says "be afraid". This blog is about chocolate, reading, fantasizing and the three big D's- dreams, discoveries and drama- and pretty much anything under the sun that's interesting and fun. This is a place, where you just be.
On paper, this is a blog where I'll write reviews of the books I read (I am a book drunkard, a book worm, a book slut, a book lover, a book licker and any other words you might come up with for the general breed of incorrigibly amazing people like me) but essentially, this is a place for people who like to talk nonsense with occasionally heated/hilarious discussions over literature, art, music and movies etc.  

Now that we've got that out of the way, I'll close up saying that I'll be posting reviews of the books I've read in bulk, all at once, to keep this blog up with my Goodreads profile and also, with that of the dates of the other upcoming novels. Once I'm finished with that, we'll start with the lazy gait of those who belong to royalty- smiling and shining like the sun, sometimes bitching over things I don't like and gushing and fangirling over the things that I do. And of course, you are welcome to join me for doing that! 

With this, I bid you a bittersweet farewell with the hope that you'll check back in (and hopefully invite some friends? Pretty please? I'm not above cajoling) and provide the feedback I so clearly need to make this into something better and funnier and oh of course, worth reading. 

Good-bye, I do so hope that you have a wonderful day.

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